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World Artistic Pool Championships

Wayne ParkerThe WPA World Artistic Pool Championships is a very prestigious event which takes place only once a year, where world ranking professional players from all over the world, compete for several world titles in their respective categories. What makes this specific year so much more prestigious than before, is that this year the World Championships will be held at the Rio all suite Casino in Las Vegas, USA. This event will take place from 18 – 21 July 2013.
If you have ever seen Artistic Pool, or more commonly known as Trick-shots on television, you will understand the level of skill required to perform these amazing demonstrations on the table, in front of a worldwide audience.
There will be 37 players from all around the globe competing in this prestigious event, of which Wayne Parker will be representing South Africa, and Africa. All these world class artists will compete against each other in various Pool trick-shot categories, in the hope to win themselves a medal and world title, to take back to their country.
Here are the various categories which players will be competing in for a World title medal:

  • Trick and Fancy Shots
  • Special Arts Shots
  • Draw (Back-spin) Shots
  • Follow (Top-spin) Shots
  • Bank and Kick Shots
  • Stroke Shots
  • Jump Shots
  • Masse (Curve) Shots

Last year Wayne Parker made history by being the first player ever from Africa to compete in the World Championships in Philadelphia, USA. Not only did he go and compete against the best in the world, but also proved that South Africa is a country to contend with, by winning the World title and received a medal in the Draw Shot (Back-spin) category.
This opened a door for Wayne to compete in the World Class Masters Cup event which was held in Shenyang, China in July 2012. Wayne was invited as one of the 12 best players in the world to compete in front of millions of China’s television audience, where he also made his mark in finishing off 4th in the world, and bringing home a trophy.
This year Wayne will be returning to the USA once again to defend his World “Back-spin” title, and bring home a few more trophies and world title medals.

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