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Steve Lillis left New Jersey on May 30th 2010 for Nairobi for a two day stop over to rest and plan for a return trip to Nairobi, Kenya ten days later.  While there Steve stayed at the AIM Mayfield Guesthouse and conducted a series of meetings with the Kenya Pool Club and the “Sport for Good” Campaign, the Kariobangi North Kenya AG Church, and TJ Ministries.  Plans were set for a return trip to Nairobi after ministry on the islands of Lake Victoria in Tanzania.  Steve arrived in Mwanza, Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria and met with short term missionaries from the Hawthorne Gospel Church and permanent missionaries stationed on the islands.  Our goal was to conduct various athletic competitions with Steve directing a pool tournament, conducting challenge matches, and performing GTS shots to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  After two days of competition Steve had the privilege of being the closing speaker on the third day at the Sunday morning service and had a alter call with the GTS Shot called "TRUST" where dozens of island natives came forward near the pool table to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Praise God!  The Hawthorne Gospel Church Team spent four more days in the interior of Tanzania visiting the Nassa Theological College (NTC) and Majahida Bible Training School (MBTS).  GTS proposed a “Gospel Trick Shot” Scholarship Program at MBTS and hopefully our first student will be one of the pool competitors who came to Christ on the island of Iramba in Lake Victoria during the sport's crusade.

Tanzania Pool Table

The Michigan Kid

michigan kidSteve and the Hawthorne Gospel Church Short Term Mis-sion Team parted company in Nairobi as they prepared to return home while Steve stayed on to minister in Kenya. Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch met up with Steve at the Nairobi Airport as Pastor Kennedy Salano of the Kariobangi Kenya AG Church picked them up to arrange accommoda-tions. Jason has just recently joined Steve in partnership with GTS as he is also a world class trick shot artist. We at GTS welcome Jason and all the various gifts and talents that the Lord has given him to be used for GTS and for God’s purposes. Steve and Jason spent much time training Afri-cans Nelson and John our two new members of our GTS Team in Africa. They are students at the East Africa School of Theology (EAST) and both answered the call of God to do GTS ministry when Pastor Kennedy Salano our host who is a professor at the school shared the GTS vision. The two young men both have backgrounds with pool and have answered God's call to be trained to be evangelists with pool in Africa. GTS gave them over $1,000 in equipment and supplies including brand new McDermott Cue Sticks and hands on knowledge and experience in setting up the Thomas Aaron pool table shipped from America to the KAG Kariobangi Church with Pastor Kennedy Salano in charge. Nelson and John now have the tools of the trade to make money as pool tables are plentiful in Kenya. Nelson re-marked, “I can get married now because I have a source of income". GTS shows and tournaments were done with the GTS Team of Steve, Jason, Nelson, John, Teresa, and Pastor Kennedy in the Mathare and Kariobangi North slums, the EAST college campus, and a special GTS show for the Kenya College Pool Championships in the upscale “Village Market” shopping center in conjunction with the Kenya Pool Club and the “Sport for Good” campaign.

Ministering in Nairobi

Steve also preached at two churches in Nairobi and taught classes at the EAST Bible College on “Leadership” and “Cross Cultural Communication”. Jason, Steve, and Teresa of TJ Ministries had the privilege of dining with the Bishop who overseas 3,500 Kenya AG churches. He has given his blessing to work with all under him in the country of Ken-ya. They have invited GTS to work with some of their mis-sionaries on the ground in North Kenya near Somalia where it is mostly Muslim. There was also a terrorist attack on a Christian prayer meeting in Nairobi close to where we were staying as seven people died and hundreds were injured. Please pray for God's protection for Christians in Kenya. We would like to thank all our many supporters and prayer partners. We did not have the time or money to take a safari and still ended up $800 over budget. We trust the Lord to continue to supply through His people.


 GTS Returns to Kenya

This year December 2012, ACTS Gospel Trick-Shot team: Gerhard Le Roux, Sandile Madlala and Wayne Parker will be visiting Kenya to continue the ministry work which Steve Lillis and Jason Lynch started in 2010. Wayne and Gerhard will be meeting with Pastor Kennedy from the Kariobangi Church on December 15th and will meet up with fellow GTS member Sandile who will be arriving the next day due to partaking in a 9-Ball Pool qualifying event so as to represent South Africa at the World Games 2013.

GTS Team
In the mornings the SA GTS team will be coaching and training fellow GTS members at Kariobangi in effectively presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ though the art of Gospel Trick-shots and personal testimony. In the evenings the GTS team will be attending and ministering at the Kari-obangi church revival meetings. After 3 days the GTS team along with Pastor Kennedy Salano with take a 3 hour jour-ney into the Maasai land where they will be hosting sever-al Trick-shot events and exhibitions. After ministering for about 4 days in the Maasai land churches the GTS team will head back to Nairobi and prepare for their departure back to South Africa on the 24th of December.

The SA GTS team

Wayne Parker - “I gave my life to the Lord in December 2000 and have been serving the Lord ever since. I was set free from a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol in the clubs and have been significantly used help others who had similar backgrounds. I started playing Pool at the age of about 13 and progressed very quickly in the arena of competitive play both regionally and nationally. In 1999 I won the South African Snooker Trick-shot Championships competing against the likes of SA Snooker legend Pierre Mans. Ever since then I have been invited to perform trick-shot          exhibitions at local Pool venues, shopping malls and at church functions in reaching out to both the youth and men. It was only recently this year in March that I was privileged in representing Africa at the 2012 World Artistic Pool Championship which was held in Philadelphia USA. It was my first World Championship event for trick-shots, and I was more than pleased when I won the world title in the “Draw-Shot” category.  This opened a door for me once again to represent Africa in the 2012 World Class Masters Cup held Shenyang China this past July. Of the 12 World Class Artists which were invited, I managed to finished off in 4th place over all.  It has always been my heart to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the gifts and talents God has given me, and am really looking forward to visiting Kenya this year to minister to  those  whom the Lord would send us to.”

Gerhard Le Roux - I truly lived a life of iniquity where the most important person in the world was me. I chased after everything worldly and I made mammon the reason of my existence. My world revolved around having more and bet-ter than the day before. By trying to conform to the things of the world, I conformed to the standards of the world and drugs and alcohol became a lifestyle. I placed everything before God. I was fortunate that God had a plan for my life and He took everything that I idolized away until I was stripped bare, and my eyes opened to the error of my ways.I gave my life to the Lord and the old Gerhard died with Jesus on the Cross. I dedicated everything I am to God al-lowing Him to decide the path my life will take. My life now is a true testimony of God’s love and favour. I live to serve and love Him who lives inside me”

Sandile Madlala - “My life before I found Christ was a life of no direction. I lived a selfish life and was ungrateful towards the people who were there to help me. Bound by a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, I became very hostile and aggressive toward those around me. Inevitably my life was taking a downward spiral. One night while on a drunken spree, I got into an argument someone and ended up being stabbed with a knife. I lived from day to day only doing what pleased me. I know for sure that I should not be alive today if it were not for God. One day I knew that I was far from God and felt that I had to make right with Him and decided to make Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Since then my life has taken a dramatic change for the good. It was like I was born all over again. All things became new and old things had passed away. I understand what it means to be appreciative of those whom God has brought into my life and for all that He has blessed me with. My pool career began in the year 2000 and I have won many titles since. One of them being the U/23 World Blackball Pool Championship and recently making the current SA Blackball team. I also have been giv-en the opportunity to compete in the International Pro cir-cuit next year, but all these titles are meaningless to me without God receiving all the Glory for the gift He has blessed me with. My greatest desire now is to be able to touch those around me with the Love and Grace of our Lord, through the talents God has given me on and off the Pool table. With God all things are possible.
Impossible is nothing...Keep God First!


15th Dec - Arrival in Kenya @ the EAST University Guest House
16th Dec (AM) - Minister @ Huruma & KAG Kariobangi churches
16th Dec (PM) - Minister at revival meeting at Kariobangi church
17th Dec (AM) - Gospel Trick-Shot Training and Coaching
17th Dec (PM) - Evening Revival meeting
18th Dec (AM) - Gospel Trick-Shot Training and Coaching
18th Dec (PM) - Evening Revival meeting
19th Dec - Leave for Loitotok in the Maasai land (3 Hours)
20th Dec - (AM) - Gospel Trick-Shot Exhibitions
20th Dec - (PM) - Revival Meetings at Maasai Church
21th Dec (AM) - Visit Game Reserve
22th Dec - (AM) - Gospel Trick-Shot Exhibitions
22th Dec - (PM) - Revival Meetings at Maasai Church
23th Dec (AM) - Minister at the Maasai Church Sunday Service
23th Dec (PM) - Leave for Nairobi (3 Hours)
24th Dec (AM) - Departure for South Africa

Our Vision

The ACTS Gospel Trick-Shot Team has a vision to reach Africa and the rest of the world with the amazing Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the art of performing Trick-Shots and Exhibitions. Our desire is to raise up other Gospel Trick-Shot artists by equipping them effectively for the work of the ministry through various training and coaching programs that line up with the inspired Word of God.

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