Wayne`s Diary

Kenya December 2012

Day One

17th December 2012 - I arrived in Kenya with an awesome welcome. We went straight to my room where I was to stay for the next 3 days before leaving for the Maasai land. When I got to my room I had to quickly change as we had to leave for the Kariobangi church service where I was to speak. The drive there was a huge eye opener regarding the conditions of the slums here in Nairobi. To my left and to my right was only shacks, and also ahead as far as the eye could see. Kid running around everywhere between the cars. Eventually there was no more road only ground paths as wide as a car and pots holes about every 5 meters. At certain places I was told not to take photos or videos as it could have been unsafe. This was in the Koro Kocho slum area. Koro Kocho means Rubbish, as the place looks like a dump site but only with tin shacks everywhere where people are living and do their business.

The church service was awesome. the Praise and Worship was vibrant and there was about 50 or people filled up in the place where we were at. I shared the Word on my heart and prayed for a few people. One lady was really touch by the Holy Spirit when she fell over and was weeping.

The Service finished at about 18:30 and we returned to my room. Its about a 30 minute drive through the slums to get to the place where I sleep. My meals are brought to me at 20:00 in the evenings, but I don't have much of an appetite anymore. Spent some quite time before bed in prayer and asked the Lord for direction for my visit to Kenya and wisdom to share what he want me to share.

Day Two

18 December 2012 - This morning I woke up and quickly grabbed my guitar which I brought along with me, and entered into a time of worship. I felt such an amazing peace and heard the voice of the Lord sharing with me how He is going to reach the children of Kenya at a very young age in their lives. There is going to be a great move of God's Spirit in the children of Kenya over the next few generations.

This morning I was taken to the Karibangi Pool room and was met by a few local Christian pool players. they have a 9 foot Thomas Aaron table which was shipped 2 years by Steve Lillis from the GTS Ministries. the table is not in good condition. The cloth is ripped up at the bulk line and the balls are very old and used. I really think that I would want to raise some funds to send them a new piece of table cloth and a new set of balls.

I started off with a Gospel Trick-shot presentation followed by some random trick-shots which involved them playing some of the shots. I then taught them how to setup the Butterfly trickshot where all 6 balls are potted in all 6 pockets. One by one each of them had a chance to do the shot and pulled it off successfully. It was amazing to see the Joy in their faces and smiles light up the room like a Christmas tree. At about 14:00 we broke for lunch and I was taken back to the Kariobangi slum. We took a brief walk through the slum into a small tin shack which had 2 pool table in it. The table were also in bad condition with very little space around the table. the tables were just standing there on the ground and because it had been raining the ground had turned into mud in some places.

I showed them the locals there the Custom made cue that Arataki Cue had sponsored for the trip and I immediately had everyone's attention. I introduced myself and did a few trickshots and kicked off a small competition for the locals to play in so as to win the Custom made cue. The finals will be played tomorrow at 17:00 on the Thomas Aaron pool table.

At about 17:00 today I was to share again at the Kariobangi Church service. I shared the Word on my heart and many were encouraged and blessed. there church was much more filled than yesterday. I also played a few songs for them on my guitar and entered into an awesome time of worship. Yesterday 1 person responded to an altar call I had and today there were many more hands raised for the call. Tomorrow I will be coaching and training Trick-shots again in the morning and will be preparing for the last evening revival service before leaving for the Maasai land on Thursday morning. a 3 hours drive into the rural areas on Kenya. Thank you all for your prayers and support!


Day Three

19th December 2012 - Today was an amazing day. We met up with the Kariobangi Pool team again at the Thomas Aaron table, where I done some Pool coaching and showed them some new Trick-shots and taught them how to play them. I also taught them the game of 9-ball and they really enjoyed a different variation of the game of Pool. Pastor Kennedy then took me to his place for lunch. His wife had prepared lunch for us which was very nice. I could only eat a little as I have really had a very suppressed appetite since I've been here. Not sure why, I think its probably ministry related. Anyways after lunch Pastor Kennedy took me to the Village market which is an up market area. Arriving there I really felt so alienated  and it was so strange seeing white people around me who had clean clothes and wearing jewellery. I really felt as though it was all strange to me, as if I could not relate with the upper class of people I was seeing.

I walked into a bowling alley and I decided to treat Pastor Kennedy to a game of ten pin bowling. He had never played it before and this was his first time. We really had good fun. After that we got back to the Thomas Aaron table in the Kariobangi slum where the tournament finals for the Arataki Custom cue was to be played. The room was filled with about 30 or so people. Many of them were from local slum area. They were locals from the pool shacks who spent their days gambling for money and involved in drugs and alcoholism.

I welcomed them all and announced that I will first be doing a Trick-shot show for them, and because we were at a church venue I said that I will have a message for them through my Trick-shots. they really dint mind as I could see the anticipation on their faces to see live professional Trick-shots being played. My routine was simple but effective. I shared the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the what price he paid for us. My shots on the table paralleled the message I was speaking. Afterwards I done the butterfly Trick shot potting all 6 balls in all 6 pockets and then had an altar call for those who wanted to make Jesus their Lord and Saviour. 7 people stood up in front of everyone to make that decision and cam to the table as I lead them into a prayer accepting the Lord as their Saviour.

Straight after that was the last of the 3 day revival meeting at the Kariobangi church. My closing message was about the issues of the heart. Each day the church was filled with more and more people. there was an average of about 70 people tonight. After my message I called everyone to the front of the church for me to pray them each of them, to anoint them with oil. Then the power of God showed up and many were delivered when I prayed for them. There were many who had spirits cast out of them and others who were healed. Many received prophetic words and set free at the same time. They eventually lined up all the little children in from of the church and began to pray for each of them. Tears were rolling down my face as I was laying my hands on their little heads praying God blessings upon them.

It really was an amazing and powerful night in the Kariobangi slum tonight. Tomorrow morning we leave at 06:00 and head for the Maasai land where I will be doing more Trick-shot exhibitions, and ministering in the evenings again.

What an amazing experienced this has been so far. I have learned so much about my self and of those who are less fortunate than many of us.

One thing I will never forget here is seeing those bound in this poverty stricken lifestyle, and on every side of life is a stained shade of brown mud and dirt. The shade of brown that can be smelt and that would naturally cause you to cringe, and in the middle of all this, when you make eye contact with one of them, the most amazing thing can be witnessed, and that is a bright friendly smile that lights up the darkness like a Christmas tree. Looking into their eyes and seeing a heart that has absolutely nothing to give, but yet gives so much though a simple smile, says to me that there is hope for me for whatever I may face in this life.


Day Four

20th December 2012 - We left Nairobi very early this morning for the Maasai land. The area that we were to stay in for the next 3 days is called Oloitoktok. At the foot of mount Kilimanjaro. We hit a heavy traffic jam on our way out of Nairobi which set us back about an hour. The journey of 3 hours turned out to be about 4 and a half hours. In the distance I could see the white snow cap of mount Kilimanjaro and we were still 2 hours drive away. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain peak on the continent of Africa. As we got closer and closer to the mountain it was clear that it was truly majestic. I have never seen such a huge mountain in my life. The mountain used to be called Mount Kibu but they changed its name eventually the Kilimanjaro which was more according to the local language of the people. Mouth Kilimanjaro is actually in Tanzania, and we from Kenya can see it miles away.

We finally arrived at our cottage where we would be spending the next 3 days. I was pretty tired because of the last 3 days of ministry and looking forward to the next 3 days was not easy. We had a quick lunch, checked into our rooms, and made ready to leave to the tribal village where I was to preach at about 15:30.

I sat in my room on my bed with absolutely nothing in my heart to preach on. I did not know what I was going to do. I most certainly will not preach something that is not from God. So I did what I had to do and took out my guitar and started praising and worshipping God. The Holy Spirit is our friend and helper and is always there for us. We only need to be there for Him. As I started praying and worshiping in the Spirit, I finally heard the voice of God speaking to me. He said to me, "Go tell my people about My righteousness, they don't understand My righteousness". The peace of God was finally in my heart and I knew that I had heard from the Lord. At that moment Pastor Kennedy knocked on my door and said that we needed to leave.

As we pulled away I heard that the left back tyre sounded a bit funny and advised Pastor Kenney to stop the car so as to take a look. As suspected the left back tyre was completely flat. Fortunately we had a spare and put that on. We decided to head into the little village market area to see if we could have the tyre repaired, and to stop at the pharmacy for me to get some anti-malaria tablets as I remembered my room to be full of mosquitos. At the first petrol station we found, we found one of the locals there who done tyre repairs. He inspected the tyre only to find that there was a nail in it and it had punctured the tube inside in several places. The other tyres were also inspected and 2 other tyres also had nails in them. The tyre guy repaired all three tyres and the bill came to 1000 Kenyan Shillings, which is about R100 or $8,50.

We were able to find a local medical clinic where I bought some tablets which cost me about R60. Three big blue tablets a day for the next 3 days. We then where able to make our way to the rural village where the meeting was to be held. On our way I could see many people wearing colourful tribal clothing of Red and Orange. Some people had huge rings in the ear lobes, with multi coloured beaded necklaces. Soon we where off the tar road and on a little dirt road which went on for about 3-4 km. All I could see was bush, trees and big boulder looking rocks everywhere. Then we arrived at the little village. There were houses made of mud and some made with tin sheeting metal and wooded fenced out areas where they kept their live stock. Little goats and sheep and chickens running around everywhere. Scrawny looking dogs scavenging for food were also seen here and there. We were greeted by an audience of little children when we got out the car and also some of the local people of the little village met us there. All the women were dressed in traditional tribal wear, and we made our way through the bushes and trees to where the pastors and elders of the little church were witting under a big tree. All of them were very friendly and happy to see me and welcomed me with open arms. Smiles were the order of things as we sat down. Soon we were met with a guy with a metal kettle of warm water to pour over our hands as we washed our hands before food was brought to us. Bowls of what looked like Roti bread and some meat like substance was set in front of me to eat. I still did not have an appetite to eat but tried to have a bite. After my first bite my appetite was completely gone. It felt to me as though the Holy Spirit was leading me into a fast, as every time I wanted to eat, my appetite had left me, and the times when I could eat, I could only have 2 or 3 bites and I could eat no more.

We made our way into the little stone build hall which was decorated with linen. The church was packed with many tribal men and woman of about 70 people. They had a Yamaha keyboard hooked up to a small amp and 2 microphones. The praise was very tribal like. They would sing and make the actions and movements according to what they were singing, but nothing like I ever seen before. I sat with the local pastors and the local bishop of the area, on the little stage behind the pulpit facing the congregation. I was welcomed up to the pulpit and started sharing my heart regarding the law and grace. It was pretty difficult at first as I had to preach with an interpreter who was standing next to me. The people would not respond at all and were pretty quiet, but when the anointing came upon me I began to preach with boldness and they were very encouraged as I opened the scriptures to them. I had laid a foundation regarding the message of God Righteousness and how the law exposes us as sinners.

After the message we made our way back to our cottage, and when we went through some security/police boom gates we happened to see some people playing pool in a building to our right. We stopped to take a peak, and saw that it was a little pub for the police men with one coin operated table which had a wooden top full of dents, so that when the balls ran across the table you could here it. I was introduced to two of the guys there as a professional Trick-shot pool player from South Africa, and that I would return the next day at 11:00 to do some trick-shots for them.

We got back to our cottage for supper and to my surprize there was no 3G or Edge signal at all. This meant no internet and thus I could not update my diary. For supper we had more roti bread and meat stew but I could only have about 2 or 3 bites and I was done. Before getting ready for bed I prepared my message structure for the next day and listened to a Joseph Prince message regarding Righteousness to be inspired for my message the next day.

The Maasai people are really still very primitive, un-educated and under developed when it comes to technology. I remember when we were on our way to the tribal village we stopped for a lady and her 2 daughters who was also on her way to the village. When we stopped she never knew how to open the car door and could not figure out that the handle had to be pulled to open the car door. Eventually I leaned over and pulled the handle for her to open the door. She was pretty amazed at how the car handle worked which opened the car door. This is how far back these tribal people are. They are very cultured in their traditions and its seems that we are worlds apart, yet I sensed so much love for them. It reminded me of how God the Son left heavens domain to come down into our little primitive, earthly world to share with us the ways of God. I knew then that I was sent by God to break into their little world, and show them the free gift of Gods Righteousness in a way they have never seen before.


Day Five

21st December 2012 - Today was supposed to be the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, however it seems that the Mayan calendar and its doomsday fable is not in God's diary for today. Today God had other stuff on His agenda. At 08:30 I had a very light breakfast. An egg on a slice of toast and I couldn't eat anymore. Pastor Kennedy mentioned to be that he has a 3G modem but that he forgot the charger back home in Nairobi. I saw that the modem used a normal mini USB cable, and suggested that we head into the little town and try and source a universal charger for it. We happened to actually find one and paid about R30 for it. We then toped up his modem account with 120 MB and hopefully this would give us internet access. Well as I'm sure you are well aware that it worked as you are reading this update.

At 11:00 we went to the little Police pub and I played a few games of pool against the locals there. It took some time to get used to the skew table and the warped and dented wooden slate top. Soon I learnt the trick of playing all my shots very heard thus giving the table to time to have the balls roll off to the side. Game after game I beat all those who challenged. They eventually called the local champion to come and challenge me. After I my victory over him I had gain the respect of the locals and soon the room was filled with few players around the table. This was my opportunity to do some Trick-shots. I potted 2 balls in one shot with one hand and that really amazed them. Then I potted 4 balls in one shot and that lifted to roof. I done one or two more trick-shots and then decided to do my pack of cards trick-shot. This really amazed them tremendously. With every shot I was able to bring out a brief biblical message for them. I greeted them all, and thanked them for their hospitality, but they begged me to please come back at about 17:00 later today as they would like to bring other people to also come and see the trick-shots. I told them that they would see me later at 17:00.

We then left for the little tribal village where pastor Kennedy was to preach at about 12:00 followed by me continuing my message at 15:30. The little church was packed again with the same people who were hungry for God's Word. After pastor Kennedy preached we broke for lunch. We sat once again in the pastors lounge (under the big tree) with the pastors, but I knew that I would not be able to eat anything as I had no appetite what so ever. Drinking my bottled Kilimanjaro water is all I could stomach. I could not understand what any of the pastor were saying except for the odd "South Africa" that would pop up here and there. I decided to listen to some Marc Bredenkamp through my phone with my headset while we wait for my session to arrive. What was really funny was that the subject the Marc was ministering on through my phone was very relative to the way I had to deliver my message today. After about 30 min I could sense a boldness come over me and the anointing was causing me to become a little drunk in the Spirit. I then went to go stand under another tree (my prayer closet) a small distance away from the others and started praying in the Spirit. the more I prayed the more I felt my faith being built up stronger and stronger! Jude 1:20 says that we ought to build up our most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost. when I heard the Praise in the little hall come to quiet I decided to join them.

When I walked into the little hall I could not sit as I felt the Spirit stirring within me. I just paced from side to side waiting for my introduction to the pulpit. Soon I was introduced and knew in my heart that the Holy Spirit wanted to minister to His people. I felt a boldness come over me and soon I was flowing with the anointing of my best friend, the Holy Spirit. I felt that the guy playing the keyboard was not in sync with the moving of the Holy Spirit and quickly prompted him to switch off the beat that was playing and switch to a slow melody of strings. Soon as I was able to get him to flow with me I could sense the Spirit again and that faith was growing stronger within me. I sense that many of the people in the congregation were struggling with a fear and asked that those who want to be free from fear should come to the front for prayer. before I know it half the church was in front. I laid my hands on each of them as I rebuked the spirit of fear. After they had taken their seats I sensed that the Holy Spirit wanted to release some prophetic words for some. I slowly started scanning the crowd to see who the Holy Spirit wanted to minister to when I saw a man sitting in the middle and heard the word business. I asked the man to stand and gave him a Word from the Lord. I did this for a few more people, and then I saw a little boy about 4-5 years old sitting on a chair in the isle. I then heard the Holy Spirit say "Prophet". I then released the Word of the Lord that the little boy would be used very powerfully one day in the prophetic. I started my message and how to say what I needed to say came to me so easily. It was as though revelation knowledge was flowing out of me. I could see that the people were captivated by the message and that they were actually getting it! After each major point that people would begin to shout out as the Holy Spirit gave them the revelation concerning the righteousness of God. It was probably one of the most powerful messages I have ever shared off the platform. There was a stage when I was sharing a very powerful point when my interpreter who was translating into the local Maasai language stopped and bowed his head in amazement and said "Sho!" as he was receiving revelation concerning the message of God's righteousness, that I had to tell him, "Translate what I said!"

The Message of God's Righteousness is pivotal one and all of one's faith hinges on the understanding which one has concerning their righteousness.

We quickly left after the service to meet up at the police pub for the local policemen that were expecting us.

When we arrived I challenged the table winner and won, and beat every challenger thereafter. Clearing the table is something they have never seen and this opened the door for me to start doing some Gospel trick-shots. I set up trick-shot after trick-shot backed up with a scriptural message for each shot, and they all loved it! I saw a pack of playing card in the window ledge and decided to do some card tricks that would amaze them. I showed them trick after trick with the cards also bringing out biblical truths. With the final card trick I used an illustration of how the exchange of our sin and God's righteousness takes place by switching two cards in his hand with two cards from my hand. When exchange took place without him seeing it, the whole room was filled with a roar of amazement as the seed of God's Gospel was planted in their open hearts which were willing to receive. I was able to share the love of God with those policemen and encourage them to get into a local church to grow their faith.

This reminded me again of how God broke through into our world from heaven, to live amongst us in the flesh and show us His love in our world. We also ought to meet people in their world to bring the love of God to them. Sometimes some Christians would look down upon Pool and Playing cards with a judgmental and critical approach. But I would like to point out that one must never forget the motive behind one's action. The difference is this: Is the motive of your actions for one's self or for God's Kingdom? This is what will determine if it will be fruitful for God or not.


Day Six

22nd December 2012 - This morning at about 12:00 we left for the Maasai village where I was to preach my last message for the Maasai people. I felt that I wanted to bless the Maasai people with the best thing I have in my possession, and that is the Presence of God! I had listened to an old message of Pastor Peter which he had preached at Little Falls Christian Church a couple of months ago called "Pursuing the Presence of God" and knew that it was exactly what the Lord would have me share on today. I knew that after my message that the Holy Spirit would want do something special for His people, so I took my guitar along with me.

When I was welcomed to the platform, I began to share to importance of pursuing God Presence in you life and what the results of His presence in your life would bring. The little church hall was half full when I started speaking, but by the middle of my message the place was packed again. The Word really encouraged them so much! I could see it in their eyes and smiles. At the end of my message I took my guitar and started playing "Hallelujah" slowly. Then all of a sudden the presence of God filled the place that we were in. People were crying out to God everywhere! Everyone began speaking in other tongues and crying out to God as He touched each and everyone in the room. I could see the tears rolling down the face of my interpreter and when I looked behind me at the other Pastors on the platform, they were all on the knees and some were on their faces worshipping God! His presence was manifested to the Maasai people! The Spirit of prophecy came very strongly upon me and I began to prophecy as my interpreter would try and interpret what the Spirit of God was saying through me. The true Christmas message was fulfilled right there in the room! It was Emmanuel, God with us! His tangible and most amazing glorious presence was with us! Nothing is more real or more important.

After my message we broke for lunch and I did not eat once again as I did not have an appetite. I'm sure that I have definitely lost a bit of weight as normally the pin of my belt sticks through the 2nd last hole of my belt, but this morning it went through the 3rd last hole. Praise the Lord!! LOL!

After lunch Pastor Kennedy was to preach while I was to speak to some of the local Maasai land pastors regarding leadership, but more specifically, discipleship programs, and this was also done through an interpreter. We at Acts Christian Church are truly blessed with the E1,2,3 and 4 that we run. The churches in Kenya don't have any discipleship programs for new believers. This was the crux of what I shared with the pastors. I taught them about home cells and cell leadership and helped them understand the importance behind discipleship programs for new believers. I took them through our E1 course and they were so amazed at the richness of the material it covered and were encouraged to adopt such a program for their churches. They suggested that we come again another time with a team to do the E1 and E2 courses in Nairobi and in the Maasai land and to teach them to run it in future. This I will have to discuss with my leadership, but I think that it would be very beneficial to them, as they have nothing of such sort.

After our pastors meeting we made our way back to the church hall and Pastor Kennedy had just finished his message. It was then the closing ceremony of the revival conference meetings  we have been having and each of the guest pastors shared for 2 min in closing. Then to my surprise the interpreter began to interpret what the Maasai people pastors were saying to me. They thanked me and told me that they have been so blessed and touched through the messages I shared. They called me to the pulpit to receive a token of their appreciation and presented me with a traditional Maasai beaded garment and a beaded necklace for my wife Chantal.  They put the necklace on me and told me to give it to my wife from the Maasai people. I was deeply touched and moved with much compassion for these people. I later found out that one of the highest forms of honour that the Maasai people can show you is to give you their beaded garments and accessories. I was told that they must have been deeply touched in their heart for them to have done such a thing for me.

I asked my interpreter to translate the following  for me. I said, "I know we are worlds apart from each other, and that we are really from completely different worlds. Our cultures are different, and our traditions are also very different, but what is important to remember is that it is the same presence of God, and it is the same Word of God, and that we all have the same Father in heaven, and that makes us all to be part of the one and SAME FAMILY!" I stood at attention and told them that I salute them all as soldiers and warriors of Jesus Christ! and then saluted them. They all gave a huge roar of a shout and clapped hands and rejoiced and started praising God!

This was truly an unforgettable experience visiting the Maasai land and people. I know that it will not be my last visit. They have truly found a deep place in my heart and am truly humbled and honoured that they have received me and accepted me. One of their biggest challenges is the fact that they are illiterate not being able to read or write and therefore cannot read the Bible. They depend on the local pastors to teach them, but the local pastors also need mentoring and developing. If only there was a way to improve the learning and schooling system for the children of the Maasai land so that they can be taught to read and write in their language and English, I know that it would change their world dramatically!

I later found out that the Maasai people have been sitting in this conference the whole week listening to 4 preachers preach every single day. They have only 2 hours off per day to quickly go home and take care of their livestock etc. Some of them walk for miles everyday just to come and sit in on the teachings and learn about God because they cannot read the Bible. Some have travelled for days and spend the nights here so as to hear Gods Word. This event only happens 2-3 times a year. They are so open and hungry for the Word of God because they cannot read the Bible for themselves!  ...and back home in South Africa we have people that can read and write, but never read their Bibles because they just don't feel like it. This breaks my heart and fills my eyes with tears. How can we Westernised society take the gift of reading and writing so for granted and neglect reading the Bible? The Maasai land people pray that their children will one day be able to read so that they don't have to live a life with the curse of not being able to read the Bible.

...have you read your Bible today???


Day Seven

23rd December 2012 - This morning we left Oiloitoktok at about 05:15 and made our way back to Nairobi where I was to preach again at Kariobangi church at about lunch time. It was dark when we left and the fog was quiet thick on the road. We could not Mount Kilimanjaro as the sun was not up yet. The road going back to Nairobi goes through a nature reserve and we came across some Zebra on the side of the road and as we approached a zebra Ruan in from of the car rot cross the road. We hit the breaks, both Pastor Kennedy who was driving and myself who was not driving, but I had no breaks on my side of the car. We just missed the zebra as it ran across the road for its life. This was by far the most dangerous Zebra crossing I ahead ever come across.

There are many wildlife that get out of the reserve and are hit by cars. On our way to Oiloitoktok we came across on two occasions a dead Hyaena on the side of the road. On our way back to Nairobi today we were able to see more Zebra, some Giraffe, and Kudu. We also slaw a few rabbit run in front of us, but no animals were killings in the making of this diary update.

We arrived in Nairobi at about 09:50 and I quickly got changed and ready to leave for the Kariobangi church where I was to speak. When I arrived I withdrew myself to a time of prayer where I received some instruction for the meeting where I was to speak. The praise and worship was vibrant and Joy filled the room as everyone was dancing and rejoicing in The Lord. The children joined us in the celebration and soon parted to their Sunday school class. The Lord has really touched my heart for the children here in Kenya, as their lifestyle is really a tough one and it is difficult seeing them in so much lack of bare necessities. I saw a kid of about 4 or 5 years old rolling the lid of an old bucket with a stick have the time of his life. And as I said before another kid dragging an old cut up bottle by a peace of string behind him. 

I preached my message titled "Becoming the voice of Gods Word", and the place was filled with a real special anointing. After my message I prayed for a few people and had prophetic words for them. I also prayed for the sick. Many we're healed supernaturally and set free of evil spirit which were cast out and curses broken. A man I prayed for came to me after the service. He had a problem with his arm. He could not rotate it all the way around and felt pain continuously. He told me that all the pain has left him and that he can move his arm with no problems. He is giving praise to God for his healing. Another lady was burdened with a spirit of heaviness and she was delivered miraculously as she fell on the ground and was shaking as the power of God was setting her free. Another lady was set free of depression as the Spirit of God revealed the secrets of her heart and gave her a Word of encouragement which set her free.

Today was really a day of breakthrough and I can only but give praise Glory to God who is the One who did all these works confirming His Word with signs and wonders!

Tomorrow afternoon I head back home to South Africa.

7 days in Kenya has really changed something in me.

To God be all the glory!










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